Joe Hill's Thrills: Dropping The Daily Load


vikingspy asks: Haven’t seen this question addressed yet, so: How do you know when you are done writing for the day? Is it word/page counts? Fatigue? Blurred vision?

I aim to get 1,500 words. After I have that I keep going until it isn’t fun anymore. Today I wrote 2,500 words and finished the…

I asked this because I generally feel tremendous guilt when stopping for the day, even when I know I’m tapped out and it’s not fun anymore.  This is both a relief and a good practical goal.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4, Page 47 by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson.

One of the best endings, on one of the best comic book stories ever.

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Photo Set

I’ll trade you an Ayn Rand and an Isaac Asimov for your Robert Heinlein.


Literary baseball cards! Collect them all! 

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In the 1930s, dental students used to practice on NIGHTMARES.


Dental Phantom

“Dental students worked on these for practice. The rivets protruding from the facial area would anchor a rubber face to make it more “human” to work on.”

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Medieval smiley face

This is a true feel-good doodle, drawn by a medieval reader and found in the lower margin of a 13th-century page. The surprisingly modern-looking smiley face is wearing glasses and seems to float towards the text in a balloon, quite content. This little scene made my day.

Pic: Conches, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 7 (main text 13th century, doodle 14th or 15th century). More medieval doodles in this Tumblr.

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#942; The Secret Questions


Postcard from The Lost Sea, a tourist attraction in Tennessee.  Did I visit this attraction and pick up this lovely card in the 1960’s, you ask?  NO…this card is from a visit that occurred in the 1990’s.

The card is glorious in its overexposed photography and the stiff bearing of its subjects.  They look like they are being hypnotized by that stalagmite, and I love it.


Jack LaLanne, how COULD you?


Such a great show.  I hope it finds its audience, because I want NBC to be rewarded for taking a chance on something this good.

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It’s a good thing I’m a mature adult…otherwise, I might find this Powerpoint slide from one of my classes unintentionally hilarious…..